Giovanni Sollima
Special concert 2020 ‘Theory of the Earth’

[ Announcement of cancellation and ticket refund ]

We are very sorry to announce that the tour of the Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima planned in May 2020 is postponed due to the world pandemic of COVID-19.
We had been trying our best to prepare for the tour while carefully checking the situation of the world pandemic of coronavirus, but due to the current restriction at the immigration to visit Japan from abroad, it became impossible for the artist to enter Japan from Italy, thus we had to make the hard decision of postpone the tour.

Regarding the Giovanni Sollima Special Recital 2020 “Theory of the Earth” in Sumida Triphony Hall, we are very sorry to inform that the recital is cancelled.

We will refund all the tickets so please have a look at the following information about the refund.

Message from the organizer

The piece “Theory of the Earth” is the composition of Giovanni Sollima specially written for cello, shamisen and string orchestra with the theme of connecting Japan and Europe.
This concert was planned as a very special night of spectacular music of cello, shamisen and string orchestra describing the earth’s dynamism.

The possibility of the postpone and rescheduling of the concert will take huge amount of time, thus we are very sorry to announce that we had to decide of the cancellation of the concert. We would like to try to find the possibility of planning the concert again in the future.

My sincere apologies to those who were looking forward to the concert, and those who supported it.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

Earth Music Project Executive Committee
Representative Keiko Kawashima
10th April, 2020

[ about the ticket refund ]

Monday, 11th May @Sumida Triphony Hall [canceled]

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*Purchased by credit card
The ticket fee will be refund by the card company you use.
We will email the details about it.

*Other method(bank transfer/postal transfer)
*Refund period is from 11th April 2020 (Saturday) to 11th May 2020 (Monday).
We will email or post the refund information so please inform us your bank details.
If you have any questions please contact : Plankton 03-6273-9307 (weekdays 1pm-5pm)
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*Refund period: When you get the refund information letter from the ticket center - 11th May 2020 (Monday)
The ticket center will post you the information and the envelop for the ticket return.
When you get the letter, pease check the information and send back your tickets and the refund application form by 11th May.
When your form is confirmed, the ticket fee will be refunded to your bank account.

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*Refund period: 11th April (Saturday)2020 - 11th May (Monday) 2020
Please check the following link for more information about the refund

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You can get your refund from the shop you purchased the tickets
*Refund period : 11th April 2020 (Saturday) - 11th May 2020 (Monday) by 23:59

*If you’ve got your ticket delivered
Please send back your tickets by post by 11th May 2020 (Monday)
Please check the following E-Plus website for the address to where you send back your tickets
Please check the following address for more information about the refund procedure
*Please note that the refund is only possible for the given period

Organized by Earth Music Project
Cosponsorship Sumida Triphony Hall
Backing by Embassy of Italy, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Tokyo
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